Experience lightning-fast internet connectivity delivered through cutting-edge technologies, including the reliability of Fiber Optic Cable and point-to-point, the versatility of 4G and the reach of VSAT. Our infrastructure ensures uninterrupted connectivity, whether you're in Zakho or Basra, spanning the entire breadth of Iraq.

Our Internet Services

Point to Point

Seamlessly connect remote locations, offices, or data centers with our secure and efficient Point-to-point solutions, fostering uninterrupted data transfer across Iraq.


Extend your reach with our VSAT satellite communication technology. Stay connected in even the most remote areas, ensuring reliable internet access and communication solutions for your specific needs.


Through partnerships with Kurdistan Net and O3, we're pioneering fiber-to-the-home technology, revolutionizing home internet with lightning-fast speeds that redefine your online experience.

Leased Line

Businesses demanding dedicated, ultra-reliable internet connections can rely on our Leased Line services, delivering the bandwidth and performance needed to thrive in today's digital landscape.

Fiber Optics Cable

Experience lightning-fast, ultra-reliable internet connectivity with our Fiber Optic Cable service. Enjoy seamless online experiences for homes and businesses across the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

 Why Choose Pirmam For Information Technology?


 Our robust infrastructure is purpose-built to meet the demands of modern connectivity, ensuring you remain online, no matter where you are in Iraq.


Experience the blazing-fast internet speeds that empower you to stream, work, and communicate without any frustrating delays, from Zakho to Basra.


 Kurdistan Net and O3 enable us to offer cutting-edge fiber-optic technology, providing the best in-home internet connectivity to our customers across Iraq.


Your online safety is our paramount concern. Our network boasts robust security measures, safeguarding your data and privacy.

Regulatory Approval

Company is endorsed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Kurdistan Region. We maintain close collaboration with the Iraqi Telecommunications & Post Corporation, ensuring unwavering compliance with all regulations.

Stay seamlessly connected with Pirmam for Information Technology.

Join the ranks of hundreds of satisfied customers who rely on Pirmam for Information Technology for their internet needs.