Explosion-Proof Devices

Safety and Innovation for Hazardous Environments

Pirmam for Information Technology is your trusted source for Explosion-Proof Devices designed to meet the highest safety standards in hazardous environments, including Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas in the Oil and Gas sectors and chemical industries. We proudly partner with industry leaders such as Hikvision, Ecom, and Motorola, offering a comprehensive range of certified devices that prioritize safety, reliability, and innovation.

Our Explosion-Proof Device Partnerships

As a trusted partner of Hikvision, we bring you a range of explosion-proof surveillance and security solutions designed to withstand the rigors of hazardous locations.

Our partnership with Ecom provides access to rugged and intrinsically safe communication and mobile computing devices that meet the highest explosion-proof standards.

Partnering with Motorola allows us to offer explosion-proof communication devices that ensure seamless and secure communication in hazardous environments.

Safety in Hazardous Environments

Our Explosion-Proof Devices are specifically engineered for use in hazardous areas where safety is paramount.

Zone 1 and Zone 2: Our devices are certified for use in Zone 1 (Zone 0 with certain Ecom devices) and Zone 2 locations, ensuring compliance with strict safety regulations.

Oil and Gas Sectors: We understand the unique safety requirements of the Oil and Gas industry and offer devices that meet these stringent standards.

Chemical Areas: Our explosion-proof solutions are suitable for chemical plants and facilities where safety and reliability are essential.

Pirmam for Information Technology is your dedicated partner for Explosion-Proof Devices, providing solutions that enhance safety and productivity in hazardous environments. Whether you operate in the Oil and Gas sector, chemical industry, or any other high-risk setting, trust Pirmam for certified devices that protect your workforce and assets.

Why Choose Pirmam for Explosion-Proof Devices?

Compliance Assurance

We offer certified explosion-proof devices that comply with international safety standards and regulations.

Leading Partnerships

Our partnerships with Hikvision, Ecom, and Motorola ensure access to the latest and most reliable explosion-proof technology.


Our devices are built to be rugged and durable, providing consistent performance in demanding environments.

Safety-Centric Design

Our devices prioritize safety features, ensuring they can withstand and operate in hazardous conditions.

Technical Expertise

We have the technical knowledge and experience to recommend and install the right explosion-proof devices for your specific needs.

Pirmam: Your Partner in Hazardous Environment Safety.

Explore our range of explosion-proof solutions and experience the assurance of safety and innovation with Pirmam.